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About Rustic Remedies

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide holistic, natural products at a reasonable price that heal and soothe our customers.

Company History
Jewelweed Lotion was created in 1981 by Sandy Slack. As an outdoorswoman she had never had a case of poison ivy before she moved to rural Virginia. That year, after carrying several loads of firewood that was wrapped in the hairy vines of Poison Oak, she contracted a terrible case with blisters the size of quarters completely covering the surface of her hands and arms. She was given a Cortisone shot and put on Prednisone pills for weeks, however, the medicine did not provide immediate relief and the side effects were less than desirable. Later that summer, while pregnant with her first child, Sandy again contracted a case of Poison Ivy. She had read extensively about natural remedies and knew that the Jewelweed plant could be used to relief the painful itch of Poison Ivy. Rather than contacting her physician and being put on heavy medication, she pulled up several Jewelweed plants from a nearby creek-bed and applied it to her rash. Within a day the itching was gone! Later that week Sandy laid down for a nap and had a vivid dream about Jewelweed and the company that would become Rustic Remedies! 29 years later we are still providing Jewelweed Lotion to stores and customers across the country.

Historically, jewelweed has been used as a home remedy to treat bee stings, insect bites, and particularly Poison Ivy(Toxicodendron radicans) and Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) rashes. Image courtesy of http://chestofbooks.com/

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