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How Jewelweed Works

Jewelweed is a great remedy for poison ivy, eczema, bug bites, and many other forms of dermatitis.

Why do those pesky plants make us break out in itchy rashes? The culprit is Urushiol, a chemical found in the leaves and stems of the plants. Urushiol is one of the most potent toxins; a mere one billionth of a gram is enough to affect a sensitive individual. Direct contact with Urushiol causes skin irritation in about 90% of the population, and the chemical can remain active on any surface for up to 5 years. If you think you’ve been in contact with the plant, it’s important to wash everything that the chemical could have touched.

Several years ago, Jewelweed was tested in a small clinical study at Rutgers University. Jewelweed’s healing properties were off the charts. The active ingredient in Jewelweed is a chemical called Lawsone. As a side note, this is also the chemical in Henna that stains ones skin orange. Hence, the vibrant orange flowers on a Jewelweed plant in bloom. Lawsone binds to the same molecular sites in the skin that the Urushiol attacks. If Jewelweed is applied quickly enough, it can beat the Urushiol to those sites and lock it out. If applied later, the Lawsone works to block the action of the allergic resin in the skin.

We are proud to offer you Rustic Remedies’ Jewelweed Lotion. The Jewelweed or Touch-Me-Not plant’s essence is now available year round.

If you have a skin irritation believed to be from poison ivy or oak the Lotion may be beneficial. This product is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Use a cotton ball or clean cloth to apply the Lotion on the affected area. Keep away from THE EYES. Apply the Lotion as soon as possible after your exposure. Apply the Lotion to the affected area every time itching occurs. Relief from the itching may occur within minutes of application.

For use as a compress or wet dressing: saturate a clean soft white cloth or paper towel in the solution. Gently squeeze and apply to affected area. Saturate the cloth in the solution every 15-30 minutes and apply to affected area. Discard cloth after each use. Repeat as often as necessary.

Like many compounds this Lotion will retain its potency best if refrigerated both before and after you open the bottle for use. We guarantee a shelf life of one year if kept refrigerated. Do not use on: deep puncture wounds, serious burns or animal bites. When using this product: do not get into eyes, keep away from face and mouth and avoid breathing in. In some skin conditions, soaking too long may over dry. Stop use and ask a doctor if: condition worsens, if symptoms last more than 7 days.

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